Monday, 26 December 2011

Cool Dudes Radio Episode 21

Merry Christmas Cool Dudes fans!

Here is all the info for Episode 2;

1. 'Solastalgia' - Cobra Skulls - Agitations (Fat Wreck 2011)
2. 'Shitty Life' - Formaldehyde Junkies - ...Are A Total Wreck (Fire Starter 2005)
3. 'City Of People' - The Brimstones - The Brimstones EP (2009)
4. 'Y El Hospice Burning' - Boom Boom Kid - BB Kid 7" (Hysteria 2011)
5. 'Ivy League College' - J Church - Nostalgic For Nothing (Broken 1995)
6. 'Frustrated Maths' - Ghost Knife - Kill Shelter, Yes! (End Sounds 2011)
7. 'We Control The Sun' - Toys That Kill - We Control The Sun (Recess 2003)
8. 'I Don't Wanna Go To The Party' - Marvellous Darlings - I Don't Wanna Go To The Party 7" (Deranged 2007)
9. 'Ideal Castle' - Sauna Youth - Lists 7"(Sauna Youth 2011)
10. 'Master Wicked' - Marked Men - On The Outside (Dirtnap 2004)

You can download and stream this bad boy HERE.

We are recording Episode 22 tomorrow, it's going to be a Best Of 2011 special featuring what we think are the 10 best releases of this year. Why not get in touch and give us some shit?, tweet @pugssss or @gotvitaminc or call 02032862420 and leave us a voicemail.

Thanks for listening!
Jamie + Pugs 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Cool Dudes Radio Episode 20

Hello Everybody,

We're back on track. We recorded episode 20 with special guest Mikey Erg! at Specialist Subject Records HQ in Birmingham last week. Here is the track list and song info;

1. 'C'mon Squash Me Like A Bug' - The Briefs - Singles Only (Lady Kinky Carrot 2005)
2. 'Terminal Preppie' - Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters (Alternative Tentacles 1982)
3. 'Laundromat Song' - The Dead Milkmen - Big Lizard In My Backyard (Restless 1985)
4. 'Incestuous Friends' - Static Radio NJ - We Are All Beasts (Kiss Of Death 2011)
5. 'A Jingle For The Product' - Dillinger Four - Maida Vale Session (Unreleased 2010)
6. 'Private Helicopter' - Harvey Danger - Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone (Slash 1997)
7. 'Throwing In Those Weird Chords...' - House Boat - The Thorns Of Life (Traffic Street 2011)
8. 'Midwest Summer' - Used Kids - Hovercraft EP (Salinas 2008)
9. 'Dear Beer' - Enablers - To Thine Ruin Be True (Mars Motors 2004)
10. 'Sabbr* C*dabra' - Bl*ck S*bb*th - S*bb*th Bloody S*bb*th (W*rner Br*s 1973)

you can listen to this bad mutha trucker RIGHT HERE.

We're recording episode 21 this weekend so send us some bits and bobs isit?!

Thanks a bunch,
See you in hell!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Cool Dudes Radio Episode 19

Hey there Cool Dudes Radio super fans,
It's great to be back, we're sorry for the long delay but what can we say, sometimes life gets in the way.
We're back with a mini episode that we recorded back in September at South Sea Fest in Portsmouth in the van with Attack! Vipers! We didn't have enough time or battery life to record a full 10 song episode so we just got through A! V!'s choices with plans to add a beginning and an end later on but those plans fell through because Pugs took a vow of silence and refused to wear bottom trousers. 

Here is the track listing and song info;

1. 'Doublewhiskycokenoice' - Dillinger Four - Midwestern Songs Of The Americas (Hopeless 1998)
2. 'Most Days' - Mazes - A Thousand Heys (Fat Cat 2011)
3. 'Our Own Way' - Hot Water Music - No Division (Some 1999)
4. 'Lauren Beat' - Sword - The sWord (tha i dunno)

So HERE it is a mini Cool Dudes for your listening pleasure.

Next week we will be back to normal with the lovely little Mikey Erg! picking songs and playing live and maybe even some cool dude called (Twitter Sensation) Dave Strait.

See you in hell mutha truckas