Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cool Dudes Radio Episode 13a


Sorry for the delay, we fucked up the first try of episode 13, I guess it's true what they say about it being unlucky for some. We got Roofus from Bangers in as a guest and had a go at redeeming ourselves, hence the 'a' in the post title.

Here is all the freaking song info;

1. 'I Fought The Law' - Dead Kennedys - Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death (Alternative Tentacles 1987)
2. 'Start Living' - Consumed - Hit For Six (Fat Wreck 1999)
3. 'On to You' - Constantines - Shine A Light (Three Gut 2003)
4. 'I Don't Believe' - New Mexican Disaster Squad - Don't Believe (Jade Tree 2006)
5. 'Worst Baby' - PW Long - God Bless The Drunkard's Dog (Southern 2008)
6. 'Constant Headache' - Joyce Manor - Joyce Manor (6131 2011)
7. 'Jack Song' - Landlord - Beneath The Wheel (Recess 2011)
8. 'King Of The Shitlist - Radon - Metric Buttloads of Rock! (No Idea 2006)
9. 'Letter To Bowie Knife' - Calexico - Garden Ruin (Quarterstick 2006)
10. 'Perfect Government' - Nofx - Punk In Drublic (Epitaph 1994)

You can stream this big bad mother right HERE!

And here is a photo of Roo looking cool, wearing a cool looking hat;