Thursday, 17 March 2011

Cool Dudes Radio Episode 1

Hi there, welcome to Cool Dudes Radio!

This is a new podcast radio show that myself and my friend Pugs thought might be a good idea. The basic blueprint is just to play 10 songs each show, songs that we think are good by bands that we like. Some of the episodes will feature special guests, these guests will have the chance to pick and play a few songs that they think are good too. It's not rocket science, we just thought that it might be fun.

So far we have recorded one episode. here is the track list and song info;

1.'Since You Left' - Big Eyes - S/T 7" (Evil Weevil 2010)
2. 'Bone Lawn' - Sauna Youth - Lists 7" (Self Released 2011)
3. 'Attitude' - The Misfits - Static Age (1977)
4. 'Brain Dead' - The Transgressions - Waste My Time (Rally 2009)
5. 'On The Prowl' - Rocket From The Crypt - (Originally a single, later re-released on) The Name Of The 
Band Is (Castle Music 2007)
6. '28 yrs' - PrettyBoy Thorson & The Falling Angels - Ain't It Funny... (Straight Edge Cat 2007?)
7. 'Good Home Chicago' - Sass Dragons - Bonkaroo! (Johan's Face 2008)
8. 'Livin' In The 80s' - Zero Boys - Vicious Circle (Nimrod 1982)
9. 'Wizard Wise' - Bangers - Small Pleasures (Specialist Subject 2011)
10. 'Simple Pleasures In America' - The Arrivals - Volatile Molotov (Recess 2010)

If you CLICK HERE the podcast should open up in your itunes and start downloading automatically.
If that doesn't work you can stream or download the first episode HERE.

This was our fist go, we are mumbling idiots, we will try to get better...

Email us. Thanks!

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