Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cool Dudes Radio Episode 2

We just recorded the second Cool Dudes Radio podcast.

Here is the track listing and song info;

1. 'I Hate Music' - The Replacements - Sorry Ma, I Forgot To Take Out The Trash (Twin Tone 1981)
2. 'Steak Knife' - Angry Samoans - Back From Samoa (Triple X 1982)
3. 'Throwin Stones' - Mean Jeans - Are You Serious? (Dirtnap 2009)
4. 'A New Kid' - Screaming Females - Castle Talk (Don Giovanni 2010)
5. 'Unmentionables' - Wrangler Brutes - Zulu (Kill Rock Stars 2005)
6. 'Anthem For A New Amanda' - The Ergs! - That's it... Bye! (Don Giovanni 2009)
7. 'Stay Away' - Marked Men - Ghosts (Dirt Nap 2009)
8. 'Kabuki Girl' - Descendents - Milo Goes To College (New Alliance 1982)
9. 'Teenage Lifestyle' - The Penetrators - Basement Anthology (Swami 2007)
10. 'Suey (Ex - Fat Kid Blues)' - The Underground Railroad To Candyland - Bird Roughs (Recess 2008)

So there it is, we hope you enjoy!

If you downloaded to the first episode then we're hoping that this new one will just appear in your itunes. If it doesn't then make sure you have selected 'subscribe' at the bottom corner in itunes. If that doesn't work ClICK HERE and stream the bugger.

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