Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cool Dudes Radio Episode 6

Hi There,

We just sludged through episode 6. It started off loose and didn't tighten up but right now we feel like we made it to the finish line. you can be the judge of that...

Here is the track listing and song info;

1. 'World Up My Ass'  - Circle Jerks - Group Sex (Frontier 1980)
2. 'Libre Hore Zimmer Auf'  - The Cut Ups - The High And Mighty (Household Name 2008)
3. 'No. 3' - Mind Spiders - The Mind Spiders (Dirtnap 2011)
4. 'Black Thunder - Doomriders - Black Thunder (Deathwish 2005)
5. 'Poison Sermons' - Teenage Cool Kids - Foreign Lands (Protagonist Music 2009)
6. 'A little Lesson' - The Marked Men - Fix My Brain (Swami 2006)
7. 'Bliss' - Paint It Black - Amnesia (Bridge Nine 2009)
8. '4 AM' - The Bananas - Forbidden Fruit (Recess 1998)
9. 'Shit Fit - Dude Jams - Split 7" W/Josin (Dirtnap 2009)
10. 'God Don't Give Two Shits About Me' - F.Y.P - Come Home Smelly (Recess 2000)

You can stream the Bugger by clicking HERE or you can subscribe to the feed in itunes and each episode should flow into your damned itunes device. I think we will have a guest next week too...

Pugs was asleep 2 seconds after we finished recording, it seems work's do's can get the better of you on a bank holiday weekend!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Dudes, as you like the Marked Men and play them often check the Young Offenders and The Hex Dispensers..