Monday, 2 May 2011

Cool Dudes Radio Episode 7

Hey There,

We're sorry about the delay this week, here is Episode 7! Arteries were on tour with Dead To Me and it was a lot of fun so we found it hard to track down a good time to sneak off and get this this done. We recorded it yesterday in the van outside the venue in Bristol with Chicken and Sam of Dead To Me as guests.

Here is the track list and song info;

1.'Two Years' - The Arrivals - Volatile Molotov (Recess 2010)
2. 'Matt's Song - The Soviettes - LP 1 (Adeline 2003)
3. 'Pretty Dress' - Former Cell Mates - Hustle (Newest Industry 2005)
4. 'Lifestyle' - The Plight - Black Summer (Visible Noise 2008)
5.'Sometimes I Rhyme Slow' - Nice 'n' Sm**th - Aint a Damn Thing Changed (Some Indy Label 1990)
6. 'That I Dunno' - The Underground Railroad To Candy Land - Know Your Sins (Recess 2011)
7. 'Fauxhemia' - The Dead Milkmen - The King Is Yellow (2011)
8. 'Rebel Waltz' - The Cl*sh - Sandinista! (Indy Label Inc. 1980)
9. 'Nobble Stabbings - Dillinger Four - Situationist Comedy (Fat Wreck 2002)
10. 'No. !3 Baby' - The Pix*es - Doolittle (Gef Indy 1989)

You can stream the Bugger by clicking HERE or you can subscribe to the feed in itunes and each episode should flow into your damned itunes device.

Thanks for listening!

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