Friday, 27 May 2011

Cool Dudes Radio Episode 10

Hey Cool Dudes and Dudettes,

We've made it to double figures, who would have thunk it!?

Here is the track listing and song info for this weeks double dangled episode;

1. 'Blow Me (Like The Wind)' - Turbonegro - Party Animals (Burning Heart 2005)
2. 'Sleep Your Life Away' - The Flatliners - Cavalcade (Fat Wreck 2010)
3. 'Who Is Who' - Adolescents - Adolescents (Frontier 1981)
4. 'Gravity Wins' - Paint It Black - New Lexicon (Jade Tree 2008)
5. 'River Fenix' - Japanther - Skuffed My Huffy (EXO 2007)
6. 'Neptune City' - The Phenomenauts - Re Entry (Springman 2004)
7. 'Nervous Breakdown' - Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown 7" (SST 1978)
8. 'Chartered Trips' - Husker Du - Zen Arcade (SST 1984)
9. 'Good Good Things' - Descendents - I Don't Want To Grow Up (SST 1985)
10. 'In Rapid Succession' - Young Livers - Of Misery And Toil (No Idea 2010)
11. 'Supersucker Drive-By Blues' - Supersuckers - Must've Been High (Sub Pop 1997)
12. 'Fuzzy Pink Handcuff' - Dillinger Four - Situationist Comedy (Fat Wreck 2002)
13. 'Why You Talk All Shitty?' - The Arrivals - Marvels Of Industry (Recess 2007)
14. 'Shotdown' - Riverboat Gamblers - Backslides (Beatville 2004)
15. 'Can't Cheat Karma' - Zounds - Can't Cheat Karma 7" (Crass 1980)
16. 'Tough Love International' - Cutman - No Trick Pony (Kiss Of Death 2008)
17. 'Pugs VS. Dan Yemin' - Pure Graft - 4 Way Split 10" (Discount Horse 2010)
18. 'Carried Out To The Sea' - Fucked Up - Hidden World (Jade Tree 2006)
19. 'See Him Again' - The Ergs - Upstairs/Downstairs (Dirtnap 2007)
20. 'My Episode' - Off With Their Heads - In Desolation (Epitaph 2010)

It was a long haul, see if you can spot the gradual decline. You can stream this episode by clicking HERE or you can subscribe in itunes at the top of this page...

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Thanks a bunch,
Jamie and Pugs

Friday, 20 May 2011

Cool Dudes Radio Episode 9


We recorded this week's show last night back in CDR HQ. It was a request show. Thanks a lot if you made a request. Here is the song info;

1. 'Rebel Fate' - Cobra Skulls - American Rubicon (Red Scare 2009)
2. 'Prehistoric Dog' - Red Fang - Red Fang (Sargent House 2009)
3. 'Heard It Through The Grape Vine' - The Sli*s - Cut (1979)
4. 'Over The Edge' - Wipers - Over The Edge (Brain Eater 1983)
5. ' Government Is Asshole' - Brutal Knights - Feast Of Shame (Deranged 2007)
6. 'Prognosis: Negative' - Night Birds - S/t 7" (Dirtnap 2010)
7. 'Descender' - Lungfish - Taking Songs For Walking (Dischord 1991)
8. 'Acoustic Associations' - Static Radio NJ - Unreleased
9. 'Stormy Weather' - The Reigning Sound - Time Bomb High School (In The Red 2002)
10. 'Phone Booth - Carbonas - Carbonas (Goner 2007)

We forgot to add the stinger for honk of the week. This week it was Harold Camping. HONK!

You can stream this episode HERE or you can subscribe in itunes (for free!) by clicking that button on the right. Thanks for listing. Enjoy Armageddon!

Jamie and Pugs

Friday, 13 May 2011

Cool Dudes Radio Episode 8

Hi There,

We recorded episode 8 in the van parked up in Swansea's bustling city centre last night. Hamish Adams of Bangers was our cool dude guest, we finally got him!

Here is the track list and song info;

1.'Can't Stand The World' - Cheeky - What The Heck? (Freedom School 2009)
2. 'Make Like A Tree And Fuck Off' - Tiltwheel - The High Hate US (ADD 2010)
3. 'Dollars' - The Sex Maniacs - Mean As Hell (CD 2006)
4. 'Single Mother' - Lemuria - Split 7" w/Cheap Girls (No Idea 2011)
5. 'Girls Like That' - Weird War - Illuminated By The Light (Dischord 2005)
6. 'Target' - Fugazi - Red Medicine (Dischord 1995)
7. 'Gun 1' - Uncle Tupelo - Still Feel Gone (Rockville 1991)
8. 'O Apollo' - Mystery Girls - Incontinopia (In The Red 2008)
9. 'Eighty Six' - Glass And Ashes - Aesthetic Arrest (No Idea 2005)
10. 'Let's Go To The Beach' - White Wires - WWII (Dirtnap 2011)

It was an angry one this week! I was in a hate filled zone yesterday, i feel a lot calmer today. Hamish ran straight from the van to the stage, Drive was PISSED! The air was cleared as soon as Bangers started rocking the shit out of Monkey Cafe, go on Bangers! They're on tour right now, check 'em out if you can…
Just for the record Pugs and I fully back all of Hamish's choices and can get behind all of those bands to the end, we were just yanking his chain pretty hard whilst he was playing the songs that he picked.

You can stream this week's episode HERE or you can click the 'subscribe in itunes' button at the top of the page and then the podcast should automatically load into your itunes device each week - imagine that!

Send us some request and/or questions for next week's show if you like?

Thanks for listening!

Monday, 2 May 2011

Cool Dudes Radio Episode 7

Hey There,

We're sorry about the delay this week, here is Episode 7! Arteries were on tour with Dead To Me and it was a lot of fun so we found it hard to track down a good time to sneak off and get this this done. We recorded it yesterday in the van outside the venue in Bristol with Chicken and Sam of Dead To Me as guests.

Here is the track list and song info;

1.'Two Years' - The Arrivals - Volatile Molotov (Recess 2010)
2. 'Matt's Song - The Soviettes - LP 1 (Adeline 2003)
3. 'Pretty Dress' - Former Cell Mates - Hustle (Newest Industry 2005)
4. 'Lifestyle' - The Plight - Black Summer (Visible Noise 2008)
5.'Sometimes I Rhyme Slow' - Nice 'n' Sm**th - Aint a Damn Thing Changed (Some Indy Label 1990)
6. 'That I Dunno' - The Underground Railroad To Candy Land - Know Your Sins (Recess 2011)
7. 'Fauxhemia' - The Dead Milkmen - The King Is Yellow (2011)
8. 'Rebel Waltz' - The Cl*sh - Sandinista! (Indy Label Inc. 1980)
9. 'Nobble Stabbings - Dillinger Four - Situationist Comedy (Fat Wreck 2002)
10. 'No. !3 Baby' - The Pix*es - Doolittle (Gef Indy 1989)

You can stream the Bugger by clicking HERE or you can subscribe to the feed in itunes and each episode should flow into your damned itunes device.

Thanks for listening!