Friday, 13 May 2011

Cool Dudes Radio Episode 8

Hi There,

We recorded episode 8 in the van parked up in Swansea's bustling city centre last night. Hamish Adams of Bangers was our cool dude guest, we finally got him!

Here is the track list and song info;

1.'Can't Stand The World' - Cheeky - What The Heck? (Freedom School 2009)
2. 'Make Like A Tree And Fuck Off' - Tiltwheel - The High Hate US (ADD 2010)
3. 'Dollars' - The Sex Maniacs - Mean As Hell (CD 2006)
4. 'Single Mother' - Lemuria - Split 7" w/Cheap Girls (No Idea 2011)
5. 'Girls Like That' - Weird War - Illuminated By The Light (Dischord 2005)
6. 'Target' - Fugazi - Red Medicine (Dischord 1995)
7. 'Gun 1' - Uncle Tupelo - Still Feel Gone (Rockville 1991)
8. 'O Apollo' - Mystery Girls - Incontinopia (In The Red 2008)
9. 'Eighty Six' - Glass And Ashes - Aesthetic Arrest (No Idea 2005)
10. 'Let's Go To The Beach' - White Wires - WWII (Dirtnap 2011)

It was an angry one this week! I was in a hate filled zone yesterday, i feel a lot calmer today. Hamish ran straight from the van to the stage, Drive was PISSED! The air was cleared as soon as Bangers started rocking the shit out of Monkey Cafe, go on Bangers! They're on tour right now, check 'em out if you can…
Just for the record Pugs and I fully back all of Hamish's choices and can get behind all of those bands to the end, we were just yanking his chain pretty hard whilst he was playing the songs that he picked.

You can stream this week's episode HERE or you can click the 'subscribe in itunes' button at the top of the page and then the podcast should automatically load into your itunes device each week - imagine that!

Send us some request and/or questions for next week's show if you like?

Thanks for listening!

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